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I run 2 game server hosting businesses, 7D2DServerHosting and RustServerHosting.
Sometimes I work on other people's projects. My recent clients include:

Toronto Esports

Project: Esport Event Map Website

Built With: Node.js, MongoDB

A website for finding and advertising esports events in Toronto. This is an initiative by a fast growing esports org to foster their local esports community.

Bluberi/UIM Insights

Project: Various Slot Machine Games

Built With: Unity

Slot machine games built to run on casino cabinets with subpar hardware.

JMF Designs

Project: Portfolio Website

Built With: WordPress

A clean and simple portfolio site for an interior design company.

Frantic Architect

I used to make indie games. My most extraordinary failure was Frantic Architect, which was featured worldwide by Apple as a Best New Game in March 2016 and hit the top charts of the App Store with ~400k downloads in a few weeks. Then my publisher went bankrupt, the game got pulled from the stores, and I didn't get paid a penny.

I finally got around to publishing the full story on Medium on Nov. 20, 2017. It got upvoted to #1 on /r/gamedev the next day, and then the story got picked up by freeCodeCamp. On Nov. 22, it was among the top 20 articles on Medium.