Unity games.

Android apps.

Node websites.

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I spend most of my time running my game server hosting business, 7D2DServerHosting.
Sometimes I work on other people's projects. My recent clients include:

Toronto Esports

Project: Esport Event Map Website

Built With: Node.js, MongoDB

A website for finding and advertising esports events in Toronto. This is an initiative by a fast growing esports org to foster their local esports community.

Bluberi/UIM Insights

Project: Various Slot Machine Games

Built With: Unity

Slot machine games built to run on casino cabinets with subpar hardware.

JMF Designs

Project: Portfolio Website

Built With: WordPress

A clean and simple portfolio site for an interior design company.

Frantic Architect

I used to make indie games. My most extraordinary failure was Frantic Architect, which was featured worldwide by Apple as a Best New Game in March 2016 and hit the top charts of the App Store with ~400k downloads in a few weeks. Then my publisher went bankrupt, the game got pulled from the stores, and I didn't get paid a penny.

I finally got around to publishing the full story on Medium on Nov. 20, 2017. It got upvoted to #1 on /r/gamedev the next day, and then the story got picked up by freeCodeCamp. On Nov. 22, it was among the top 20 articles on Medium.

Want me to build your app, game, or website?

I work quickly (for example, a website like this would take one day if you can communicate precisely what you want). Drop me a message and I'll respond within 24 hours.

Rates are negotiable. Don't be afraid to reach out just because your budget is small. I restrict my freelancing hours to focus on my hosting business, so I choose projects I think are interesting, not what pays the most.

In case you need me to work with a specific technology, I'm most comfortable with Android (5+ years experience), Unity (3+ years), and Node (just over a year).

I can take care of the graphics as well if your project is aesthetically simple.